On the occasion of 2nd Birthday Anniversary of SONHA SSP VIETNAM SOLE MEMBER CO., LTD, organization team had an interview with Mr. Dam Quang Hung – Deputy General Director of SONHA CORPORATION and Director of SONHA SSP VIETNAM. He already shared 2 year building and developing process and orientations in future:

Interviewer: Thank you for spending time for organization team. Can you tell your feelings when experiencing 2 years of building and developing SONHA SSP VIETNAM?

SONHA SSP VIETNAM already overcome 2 years with many difficulties and challenges and achieved some initial successes for examples: deploying the subsidiaries network system, ; expand the domestic market; tripled sales; enhance management capacity with streamlined organizational structure; further diversification of commercial products … The most obvious result is that Son Ha SSP Vietnam has exceeded the profit plan set out in the first year – I feel very proud, happy and really touched.

Mr. DAM QUANG HUNG – Deputy General Director of SONHA CORPORATION and Director of SONHA SSP VIETNAM – the person who leaded SSP overcome all difficulties and challenges to get success.

Interviewer:  Can you share more clearly about the difficulties that Son Ha SSP Vietnam has faced in the past time?

Difficulties began when we decided to separate Son Ha SSP Vietnam from the Son Ha Group and make it become an independent legal entity. There was no total consensus within Board of Director of Son Ha Group. When we have deployed the domestic market, especially deployed subsidiaries system, even up to now, we always faced  a doubt whether the strategy of opening branches and retail distribution shops is really appropriate in Vietnam? This is completely different from the overseas market because this distribution channel has developed quite a long time ago.

The Board of Management must also place a bet in their personal career when accepting, managing and building SSP so that it grows and dissolves all previous doubts.

This is also the reason we decided to build and release the documentary film “SSP – Untold Story” to cover the development of the past two years. Especially in the second year, when the boundary between success and failure of the SSP’s subsidiaries was very fragile, along with difficulties of all SSPers – from Board of management to openers new markets and production labors who were very simple but have made great contributions to the success of Son Ha SSP Vietnam. The film will be “premiered” on the SSP 2nd Birthday Anniversary


Sonha SSP’s Stainless Steel Welded Tube were displayed in BANGLADESH BUILDCON INTERNATIONAL EXPO 2017

Interviewer: SONHA SSP VIETNAM was separated from stainless steel business of SONHA Corporation which already had a long development period. Besides the competitions from competitors in the market, what pressures Son Ha SSP Vietnam also have to face with? What decisive factors helped SSP overcome those pressures?

From bottom of my heart, of course, there were too many pressures, especially for SSP managers. When they have been working in the SONHA Corporation before, everything seemed to be “sponsored”, now they have to stand on their own feet, think of the management approach so that SONHA SSP can be oriented and develop well, meet the expectations of the Board of Directors.

Besides, the pressures come from the bad performance of stainless steel pipe business of Son Ha Corporation, now we have to find the way to improve it and bring higher profits.

However, fortunately, we have enthusiastic, determine and hard-working colleagues so we have built up the foundation for the breakout in future.

Interviewer: Besides the difficulties, there are also many opportunities. What does Son Ha SSP Vietnam do to be able to capture those opportunities well in the future?

From the past two years, Son Ha SSP Vietnam has been focusing on exploiting the best present production capacity to supply products to the market and investing and upgrading production equipments

Son Ha SSP Vietnam decide that 2017 is the investment year when we take over the whole area of the Phung factory (SHB and SHK were transferred to a new factory in Bac Ninh province). We have invested more machines, production lines to increase production capacity and thus meeting demand of market. However, this is also the pressure for us because the output has increased, then we have to think of ways to sell products, bring efficiency to the Company.

Son Ha SSP Vietnam plans to seek investment opportunities abroad to infiltrate oversea market. The initial market infiltration is in Myanmar and Son Ha has built a factory here, followed by some potential markets such as Laos, India, Turkey. We also try to find the way to come back some old markets which Son Ha Corporation as well as Son Ha SSP already exported with relatively large quantity such as USA, Brazil. (These markets are currently facing major trade barriers.)

Interviewer: What messages do you want to send to staff, employees as well as customers, partners – who have made the initial success of the SSP on occasion of SSP 2nd Birthday?

On this occasion, I would like to send my sincere thanks to all staff, customers and partners for their trust, companion with us during the past time. Son Ha SSP will try its best to be worthy of their trust.

The present success of Son Ha SSP has been dramatically contributed by the whole enthusiastic, creative and hard-working staff. This success is the effort, dedication of a whole team, which are thousands of mile journeys to bring products to every workers, sweats on the cheek of labors at late night, the containers loaded on early morning…

That is not only the fulfillment of responsibility but also the “fire in the heart” of each person – the flame of enthusiasm, passion and desire to dedicate to the development of  company.

I hope that all SSPers will always keep the fire of enthusiasm, consensus, creativity and dynamism to achieve the goals that we already set out then bringing Son Ha SSP Vietnam become the leading stainless steel tube manufacturer in Vietnam.

Interviewer: Thank you very much. Wish you good health to continue leading Son Ha SSP Vietnam get more achievements in the future.

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