Son Ha SSP attends the Buildcon International Expo 2017 in Bangladesh

At the International Building Materials Exhibition Buildcon International Expo 2017 from July 13-15, 2017 in Bangladesh, Son Ha SSP Co., Ltd first participates as an enterprise unique of Vietnam.

Buildcon International Expo is the largest annual event, bringing together world-renowned businesses in Architecture, Construction, Building Materials, Engineering, Interior and Design. In addition to the exhibitors booths of global companies, Bangladesh Buildcon International Expo 2017 is an opportunity for Son Ha SSP to meet, connect and open up activities of cooperation, investment …

Mr. Dam Quang Hung – Director of Son Ha SSP introduced the stainless steel pipe products at the exhibition


The SSP booth was honored to receive Bangladesh’s Minister of Energy, Energy and Energy, Nasrul Hamid, as well as distinguished guests and heads of prestigious Bangladesh organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Export Association of Exterior Equipment; Construction Industry Association; Department of Planning Bangladesh architecture … with a lot of customers.

With the potential of exploring the potential and affirming its vision and expanding its market to developing countries, Son Ha SSP brings to this exhibition high quality stainless steel pipes and tubes for export. To 30 countries all over the world and make a strong impression on the exhibitors.

Bangladesh International Exhibition Buildcon International Expo 2017 opens the opportunity to exchange, connect and open cooperation and investment activities between Son Ha SSP and partners.

Assessing the Bangladeshi market, Mr. Dam Quang Hung, Director of Son Ha SSP said, “The construction industry in Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing sectors with a promising future. We have the opportunity to enter a market of more than 100 million people. If successful approach, Son Ha SSP will have a large number of customers around the globe. Therefore, the promotion, image building and cooperation with local partners will be the main objective of Son Ha SSP in 2017 to penetrate deeper into this large market.

Besides the promotion and exchange activities with the exhibitors, Son Ha SSP also spent time exploring the market, visiting the shops, the iron market in the capital, Dhaka. Spread and introduce your product profile. After this fair, Son Ha SSP will continue to implement other marketing activities to soon expand the market in Bangladesh.