10th International Istanbul Tube Fair – Exhibition of Tube and Accessories took place from 23th March, 2017 to 25th March, 2017 at the Istanbul exhibition center, Turkey. The exhibition attracted investors and visitors from big factories in the world. Son Ha SSP Vietnam brought to this fair a booth with innovated style of design which attracted the attention of many visitors.

                             Sonha SSP’s booth attracted consideration of many foreign visitors.


On the first morning of exhibition, Mr. Nihat Zeybeckci – Minister of Turkish Ministry of Economy shared with Asian countries: “Son Ha SSP Vietnam has been cooperating transparently and seriously with the Ministry of Economy in ANTI CIRCUMVENTION inspection in 2015 and SONHA SSP VIETNAM was officially approved not to conduct trade fraud activities, so their exporting to Turkey is free of taxes. This is an opportunity for Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam to increase exporting to Turkey as well as approach potential buyers in the European market”.

        Mr Dam Quang Hung and Mr Nguyen Tien Quang discussed with customers in exhibition


Besides old customers who have been cooperated with Son Ha SSP, there were nearly 350 new customers who visited Son Ha SSP’s booth.

                                    Customers visited and learnt about Son Ha SSP’s products.

In addition, Son Ha SSP Vietnam also welcomed the Ambassador and Vietnam Trade Counselor in Turkey to visit, encourage and learn about the company. Mr. Le Phu Cuong – Vietnam Trade Counselor in Turkey said: “Vietnam Trade Office in Turkey is willing to provide updated information for companies as well as support to promote products, brand name of Son Ha SSP to customers in Turkey. Currently, Vietnam’s exporting turnover to Turkey is not much, but Son Ha SSP has exported to Turkey with impressive annual sales growth. This is bright spots and motivation for other companies to export to this potential market.”

In Turkey, Son Ha SSP has exported the products: stainless steel ornamental tubes and industrial pipes to hundreds of customers and brand name, quality as well as reputation of Son Ha SSP has been known and interested by most of customers in Turkey.

Besides exhibition, Board of Directors also spent time on visiting some loyal customers, thereby learning their demands, aspirations and expressing gratitude to customers who supported Son Ha SSP over time.

With over 14 years of international business experience, Son Ha SSP commits to bring the highest quality and the most professional service to our customers around the world.

Son Ha SSP affirms its position in the international market as one of the largest manufacturers of stainless steel welded pipes in Vietnam. All our stainless steel pipes are produced as per quality standards ASTM A312/A778, ASTM A554 and exported to over 30 countries all over the world such as USA, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, India … In addition, Son Ha SSP Vietnam is the only company in Vietnam whose products are given PED certification – one of the most important standards to ensure product quality exported to Europe and America.

Mr. Le Phu Cuong – Vietnam Trade Counselor in Turkey visited Sonha’s Booth and introduced Sonha                                                       SSP Vietnam to customers.